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Welcome Letter from the President of NAIFA Central Valley

Dear Visitor,

Welcome! On behalf of NAIFA Central Valley, I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our association. We are always looking for talented people who can add to the high quality and exceptional professionalism of our membership body. By inquiring about NAIFA Central Valley you have taken an important first step. You have made the decision to work toward improving your industry, further developing yourself as a businessperson, networking with others in the insurance and financial fields, and better serving your clients.

A membership in NAIFA Central Valley offers you value in many ways within your respective area of business. The contacts and friendships made through NAIFA Central Valley functions will allow you to exchange priceless information and receive pertinent advice for dealing in our ever-changing, dynamic industry. In addition to the many personal benefits, a membership in NAIFA Central Valley also permits you to offer a contribution to NAIFA's political advocacy that so many times is taken for granite by individuals in our industry. Every year, NAIFA and NAIFA California represent your interests on Capitol Hill and with state legislators. NAIFA protects our income streams and our clients. They play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of our industry.

NAIFA Central Valley members fully understand the value of professional improvement and continually gaining the skills needed to become successful. They have a respect for education, are constantly seeking out knowledge, and are in touch with their community. You will find, as so many in our industry already have, that NAIFA Central Valley allows its members to become better at their jobs, lend a helping hand in their industry, reach their goals and objectives in an ethical fashion, and enjoy peace of mind.

We are truly grateful for your interest and time.

Best Regards,

Joel Balam
President, NAIFA Central Valley

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